Warrior 3x Countermeasures System

Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) such as cellular telephones, Blackberry devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and laptop computers have inherent technical vulner- abilities that are potentially exploitable by adversaries and can occur without the PED user’s knowledge. For example, microphones and photographic/video cameras built into many PEDs can be remotely activated without the knowledge of the PED user. The audio and/or visual information near the PED can either be transmitted in real-time or recorded and then transmitted at a later time. PEDs can also be manipulated to wirelessly probe the surrounding area, through radio frequency (WiFi) or optical (infrared) means, in an attempt to connect to or map out any wireless computer network system.

The Warrior 3x is the newest addition to the Vector Technologies family of security products and is designed to defeat all the electronic, audio and video bugging threats inherent to PEDs. The Warrior 3x features three separate secure drawers each capable of storing up to 40 cell phones per drawer. Each drawer also includes 10 internal PED battery charging ports. This allows PEDs to be securely charged within the Warrior 3x as opposed to charging PEDs in an unsecure manner, in an open office environment, which could place classified, sensitive and private information at risk. Additionally, the compact vertical storage reduces the overall footprint and saves valuable floor space. The Warrior 3x offers an unmatched combination of security performance, aesthetics and price.

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