Vector Technologies: Integrity, quality and a cut above the rest.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is the heart and soul of Vector Technologies, LLC.

Vector Technologies, LLC is one of the few and true Technical Surveillance Countermeasures companies out there today.  From it’s elite team of specialists, to using leading edge equipment, Vector offers it’s clients unparalleled knowledge and expertise, and never compromises the integrity of the security we are tasked to protect.  From the moment Vector Technologies, LLC opened its doors, to present day, integrity in the work we do has been the cornerstone of every single project and assignment.  What Vector offers is peace of mind that the experts you are working with know the science behind present-day threats, the policy behind preventing and managing those threats, and the latest advances in field technology.

Whether your project is an in-depth survey or a custom engineering project, Vector Technologies, LLC takes its work very seriously.  Every client is our most important client and every project will receive that absolute best that Vector Technologies has to give.

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